Bernd Hartmann is new Chief Sales Officer at PerfectPattern

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Stefan Horst

MUNICH, GERMANY, July 14, 2022 /

Hartmann has enjoyed a long career in the SAP environment. He has served in consulting, service and sales roles for Hewlett Packard, msg systems, KPMG/BearingPoint, Accenture, IDS Scheer and finally SAP itself.

Hartmann used the experience he gained with “the big guys” to successfully build up sales at global SaaS companies such as Corporater and Nakisa. There he also met the current CEO of PerfectPattern, Asdrúbal Pichardo.

Building a network of qualified integration partners

“I have found PerfectPattern to be an exceptional team, developing exceptional AI solutions whose applicability and market potential is setting new standards – and of course I am looking forward to working with Asdrúbal again,” says Bernd Hartmann. “There are exciting challenges ahead of us. We want to expand sales of vertical solutions based on aivis and Kayros. To this end, we are building a network of skilled integration partners for the implementation of our solutions at customers’ sites.”

Solutions optimizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

“We are very pleased to have Bernd join us in the position of Chief Sales Officer,” says Asdrúbal Pichardo. “aivis and Kayros are already used in a number of markets such as the paper, steel and printing industries, as well as in measurement and vacuum technology. We are convinced that we have high scaling potential, building on these successes. After all, our solutions optimize the entire spectrum of OEE – machine availability and performance as well as product quality.”

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