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Vernaio's causal AI eliminates the most complex anomalies in production environments impacting yield and OEE. The AI understands anomalies and dynamically recommends intelligent set point adjustments to maximize overall efficiency on a system level.

Streamline your production
with causal AI

We are revolutionizing production with causal AI. As operations become more complex, neural network-based approaches are not sufficient to optimize industrial production at the system level. Our advanced software solutions harness the power of causal AI to solve event the toughest problems and optimize overall yield and OEE.

Our sophisticated software solutions enable you to unlock the full potential of your production while seamlessly integrating into your IT/OT environment.

A process is more than the sum of its parts

In production, processes are more than the sum of their parts. As all components interact with each other, complex dynamics occur, that lead to unexpected behavior causing major problems in quality and yield.

Understanding and mastering these dynamics, however, represents one of the greatest opportunities to improve.

To unlock this potential, process control must move beyond static monitoring of fixed parameters, to evolve into a comprehensive, real-time approach that dynamically adapts to the current production situation. This is where Vernaio's causal AI comes in.

Vernaio's causal AI revolutionizes process control by providing a holistic process view with causality and situational awareness. This quantum leap in technology is integrated into Process Booster, an end-to-end solution that enables you to unlock the true potential of your operations and boost quality, yield and performance.

End-to-End Platform

Boost your productivity now.

Process Booster, is an AI-powered process control solution that enables you to master and streamline even the most complex production lines and boost their quality, yield and performance.

Like a smartwatch, it monitors operations, warns you about impending disruptions and recommends adjustments of process settings to keep the line healthy and efficient on a system level.

Amplifies your
problem-solving skills
Works with raw
process data
Boosts your
yield & OEE

Step into a world where efficiency is redefined by intelligence - with Process Booster, powered by Vernaio's breakthrough causal AI engine aivis®.

AI-powered Process Control

The process parameters that are most relevant to a goal are often not directly manageable. Instead, controllable parameters must be adjusted in the right way in the right situation. Try it yourself!

Quality level
Control parameters
AI Guidance
"With Vernaio’s AI we can directly offer our MES-HYDRA customers an "out of the box" KPI analysis that takes the understanding of their processes to a new level.”

Thorsten Strebel

Managing Director, MPDV
“The unique thing about Vernaio's AI is that it is designed to understand large, complex production processes”

Benedikt Hofmann

CTO, Voith Digital

The Limitations of Neural Networks

Optimizing industrial processes with multiple, often conflicting objectives requires understanding causal relationships ("what if"). To achieve this, neural network approaches (e.g. chatbots) require huge amounts of data and massive computing power, which most industries lack. Additionally, every production line is unique, so a one-size-fits-all model doesn't work. Therefore, neural networks are not the right approach for this purpose.

Vernaio's causal AI aivis® is.

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AI Production Planning

At the heart of any smart factory is a production planning and scheduling engine, responsible for driving efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. But not just any algorithm can do the job; to get the most out of your production, you need a highly agile and advanced planning engine.

Kayros uses state-of-the-art AI to optimize production routes, minimize costs and times, and seamlessly meet technical requirements for even the most complex production environments. Choose Kayros for the ultimate in intelligent factory planning.