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Process Booster

Process Booster is a powerful AI solution that protects production assets from all types of disruptions. Plant managers, process engineers, shift supervisors, operators, and maintenance personnel can use Process Booster to maximize asset performance to increase production efficiency while maintaining sufficient quality. Process Booster can be used for all types of production assets in any industry.

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Kayros is a production planning software which optimizes the use of all production resources with AI-powered cognitive production planning. Production planners, plant managers, and process engineers can use Kayros to minimize the time required for production planning and scheduling. Kayros can be integrated with all existing ERP and MES IT systems.

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aivisĀ® is a game-changing industrial AI engine that can be used to build models and analytics for prediction, prevention and surveillance. In particular, the ability to process large amounts of industrial raw data quickly and efficiently is why companies are using aivisĀ® today to develop their own IoT applications. aivisĀ® is the life force that powers our point solutions such as Process Booster and Kayros.

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  • Unlock the superpowers of our AI solutions

  • Unmatched efficiency

    Our AI solutions can process thousands of sensor signals and terabytes of raw data with ease and are at least 10 times faster than conventional approaches.

  • Out of the box

    Our AI solutions work with unprocessed raw data - no prior data filtering or data preparation and no data science skills required.

  • Breathtaking insights

    Our AI solutions create valuable and understandable insight reports challenging and complementing your process knowledge with entirely new perspectives.

  • Proactive behavior

    Our AI solutions operate fully automatically - they constantly analyze process performance and make recommendations to improve current production.

Client references

Avoiding sheet breaks in paper manufacturing

The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of products and services, Voith sets global standards in the markets of energy, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. The company employs more than 20,000 people and generates annual revenues of more than 4.3 billion euros.

Avoiding sheet breaks in paper manufacturing

Voith had limited knowledge of why and when disruptions (sheet breaks) occurred in paper manufacturing. Every time a disruption occurred, a time-consuming and costly repair procedure had to be carried out before production could be resumed. Therefore, a new method of predicting and preventing disruptions was needed to maximize asset productivity.

Avoiding sheet breaks in paper manufacturing

Voith used Process Booster to predict and prevent disruptions (sheet breaks). Asset Protector can interpret and monitor large amounts of data to warn users before disruptions occur. Its powerful AI can process many complex data points in near real-time.

Avoiding sheet breaks in paper manufacturing

Process Booster allowed Voith to understand the causes of disruptions (sheet breaks) and predict them up to an hour in advance. In addition, Process Booster was able to reduce the number of disruptions per day and paper machine by 77%. This resulted in savings of around 5.6 million euros per year and paper machines.

"With Vernaioā€™s AI we can directly offer our MES-HYDRA customers an "out of the box" KPI analysis that takes the understanding of their processes to a new level.ā€

Thorsten Strebel

Managing Director, MPDV

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