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Our distinct AI rapidly and autonomously identifies & solves the hardest to find pathways, events, or anomalies eliminating delays in R&D, and significantly improving uptime in Operations & Manufacturing.

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Step into a world where efficiency is redefined by intelligence—welcome to Process Booster. At its core is aivis®, our breakthrough AI engine.


aivis® is a game-changing AI engine that solves the hardest issues in product development and production environments without requiring data science work or prior domain knowledge - saving two extra steps! This makes it much faster than others and dramatically increases the success rate for AI-based problem-solving. aivis® powers our end-to-end solution Process Booster.

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Process Booster

Process Booster is a powerful AI solution that protects production assets from all types of disruptions. Plant managers, process engineers, shift supervisors, operators, and maintenance personnel can use Process Booster to maximize asset performance, which increases production efficiency while maintaining optimal quality. Process Booster is an industry agnostic solution.

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Kayros is a production planning software which optimizes the use of all production resources with AI-powered cognitive production planning. Production planners, plant managers, and process engineers can use Kayros to minimize the time required for production planning and scheduling. Kayros can be integrated with all existing ERP and MES IT systems.

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The limitations of Neural Networks and LLMs

Neural networks and large language models (LLMs) are a great approach when dealing with textual data. But when it comes to non-textual data, they hit a wall: Hardware-intensive training, the need for labeled data, and high sensitivity to data variation make them of very limited use.

We solve these limitations.

"With Vernaio’s AI we can directly offer our MES-HYDRA customers an "out of the box" KPI analysis that takes the understanding of their processes to a new level.”

Thorsten Strebel

Managing Director, MPDV
“The unique thing about Vernaio's AI is that it is designed to understand large, complex production processes”

Benedikt Hofmann

CTO, Voith Digital

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