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Discover how our solutions are driving success across various industries.

Our solutions are industry-agnostic, making them versatile across various sectors. Explore our use cases spanning industries such as steel making, pulp & paper, battery making, discrete manufacturing i.g., glass, oil & gas and more. Discover how we drive innovation and efficiency in diverse fields.

Battery Manufacturing

Use Case
Achieving Coating Uniformity in Battery Electrode Manufacturing

Each lithium-ion battery has a cathode and an anode made from a slurry applied to metal foils and dried into sheets. Precise control of thickness and uniformity is crucial, otherwise process complexity leads to quality issues and high scrap rates.

Bottle filling

Success Story
Avoiding Jams and Shortages at the Filler of a Bottle-Filling Line

Bottle filling lines involve various machines essential for packaging liquids. Issues often appear at the filler due to other machine problems. Our customer faced frequent filler issues with unknown causes.


Success Story
Reduction of burst pressure fluctuations of H2 carbon storage tanks

During the development of a new carbon fiber tank, burst pressure varied greatly between versions. Tanks must meet strict pressure limits for safety and approval. The challenge was to reduce these fluctuations for reliability.

Flat Glas Manufacturing

Use Case
Reducing Scrap Rate and Number of Defects in Sputter Coating

Sputter coating uses a vacuum chamber to apply thin metallic and oxide layers to glass. Despite numerous sensors monitoring key parameters, the complexity of the process often leads to defects, requiring better control strategies.

Heated Tobacco Production

Success Story
Controlling Quality Parameters in Heated Tobacco Production to Reduce Waste

Turning tobacco leaves into heated tobacco products involves spreading a smooth slurry on a conveyor belt. Maintaining quality metrics like moisture and thickness is crucial, as deviations cause waste, higher energy use, and lower yield.

Non-woven Fabrics Making

Use Case
Avoiding Spitting Errors and Other Disruptions in Nonwovens Production

The production of nonwovens transforms polymers into fabrics through melting, extruding, spinning, and bonding. Processes like spunbond and meltblown need to be controlled strictly to prevent disruptions and qualitiy issues.

Oil Production

Use Case
Highly accurate, continuous crude oil classification

Classifying crude oil by API gravity, sulfur content, and viscosity is crucial for quality and pricing. Continuous models using flow rate, pressure, and temperature improve accuracy and yield, reducing economic losses.

Paper Making

Success Story
Preventing Sheet Breaks in the Papermaking Process

The papermaking process begins with producing pulp, which is then shaped, pressed, and dried into paper. Sheet breaks, which disrupt production and require cleaning and rethreading, are hard to prevent due to multiple interconnected causes.

Steam Cracking

Use Case
Preventing inefficiencies and disruptions in steam cracking

Steam cracking is a key petrochemical process that breaks down hydrocarbons, producing alkenes like ethylene and propylene. Operating these furnaces is complex, with many parameters and frequent disruptions, affecting quality and yield.

Steel Making

Success Story
Avoiding Slopping (Overfoaming) in Basic Oxygen Steelmaking

In Basic Oxygen Steelmaking, slopping occurs when foaming slag overflows, causing spills, metal loss, and safety risks. Inspections and repairs are needed before resuming. The process's complexity makes prevention difficult.

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