We make industrial AI for preventing production disruptions

Striving to make production more prosperous and sustainable with artificial intelligence.

About Vernaio

Vernaio is an AI IoT solutions provider headquartered in Munich, Germany. Our powerful industrial AI helps companies optimize production processes, in particular avoiding production disruptions before they occur.

Our vision

We strive to unlock the benefits of artificial intelligence for a more prosperous and sustainable world.

Leadership at Vernaio

Robert Meißner

Head of Solutions & Co-Founder

Robert co-founded Vernaio in 2012 during his studies in astrophysics. Being a passionate entrepreneur, he has since held senior positions at Vernaio, including Managing Director, Head of Marketing and Head of Solutions.

Lukas Lentner

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Lukas co-founded Vernaio in 2012 parallel to his bachelor's degree in physics. At Vernaio he is responsible for the development and implementation of software projects and the IT infrastructure.

Dr. Christian Paleani

Chief AI Officer & Co-Founder

Christian co-founded Vernaio in 2012 simultaneously with his PhD in mathematics. He leads the technology department at Vernaio and is responsible for developing the mathematical foundations of Vernaio's algorithms.

Bernd Hartmann

Chief Sales Officer

Bernd is an entrepreneurial and strategic senior executive with over 25 years of IT experience. Before joining Vernaio, he held various leadership roles at renowned companies such as Accenture, KPMG and SAP.

Our mission

We enable users to overcome challenges and gain new perspectives by applying our breakthrough AI solution to their data, while ensuring a smooth and satisfying user experience.

Advisory board

Bart Markus


Bart is a seasoned entrepreneur who has spent the last 18 years investing in high-tech companies. He is a serial entrepreneur himself and has co-founded six companies. He has been a member of Vernaio's Board of Directors since 2017.

Dr. Benedikt Hofmann

Benedikt is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Digital Ventures at Voith - one of Vernaio's partners. Benedikt has been a member of Vernaio's Board of Directors since 2019.

Dr. Michael Alexander

Michael is a partner at Roland Berger GmbH after five years of building his own consulting business. Michael brings more than 10 years of experience in various leadership positions in the electronics industry in Europe and Asia. Michael has been a member of Vernaio's Board of Directors since 2021.

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