About Vernaio

Our distinct AI rapidly and autonomously identifies and solves the hardest to find pathways, events, or anomalies, eliminating delays in R&D, and significantly improving uptime in Operations or Manufacturing. No data preparation, or data science expertise required, which significantly saves time and enables the fastest commercial deployments.

Our vision

We maximize the operational efficiency of enterprises

Leadership at Vernaio

Henry Monzon

CEO & Managing Director

Tech Entrepreneur w/proven record at Fortune 500's, unicorns, and deep-tech start-ups

  • Co-Founder & CEO publicly-listed Nocturne Acquisition (NASDAQ: $MBTC), raised $115M.
  • Co-Founder & CEO Katena, from 0 to $650M valuation, raised $14M, closed $100M+ deals (private exit).
  • CFO at Luminous, raised $100M Series A.
  • CRO at Bitfury, responsible for P&L, $500M revenue, and 0.5GW data centers.
  • Opened up global channels for Fortune 500 Qualcomm, realizing incremental revenue in ‘green field’ market segments in the America’s, Europe and Asia
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering at Florida Atlantic University; Executive Education at Stanford & Wharton

Dr. Christian Paleani

Chief AI Scientist & Co-Founder

  • Physicist with specialization in theoretical elementary particle physics.
  • Research on extension of symplectic topology towards generalized complex geometry, using string theory concepts.
  • Invited math researcher at Oxford University.
  • Inventor of breakthrough Vernaio AI engine(s), oversees all of Research & Development.
  • M.S. Physics at Technical University of Munich, PhD Mathematics at Ludwig Maximillians University

Lukas Lentner

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

  • Research on dynamics of various multidimensional ferromagnetic lattices built from classical and quantum magnetic dipoles.
  • Seminar work on vulnerabilities of the RSA cryptosystem exploring the impact of quantum computing and variations of Shor's algorithm on cryptoanalysis.
  • Leads Engineering & IT, prior Managing Director experience
  • B.S. Physics at Ludwig Maximillians University

Robert Meißner

Head of Solutions & Co-Founder

  • Developed an automated 3D measuring apparatus for mapping the magnetic dipole field of a multi passage spectrometer.
  • Technical work on magneto hydro dynamics and earths' interchanging poloidal and toroidal magnetic fields.
  • Oversees Product and Solution domains, prior Managing Director experience
  • B.S. Physics at Ludwig Maximillians University

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