Causal AI engine

No data preparation or data science expertise required.

About aivis®

aivis® is a game-changing AI engine that solves the hardest issues in product development and production environments without requiring data science work or prior domain knowledge - saving two extra steps! This makes it much faster than others and dramatically increases the success rate for AI-based problem-solving. aivis® powers our end-to-end solution Process Booster.

How aivis® works

Compared to neural networks, large language models and pre-trained models, aivis® uses a radically different approach: Self-Supervised Learning using Contrastive Learning, powered by Stochastic Differential Geometry. This makes aivis® unparalleled at identifying complex, hidden patterns in unprepared raw data and creates highly efficient, ready-to-use white-box models on demand. Five aivis® engines harness these superior capabilities:

Signal Prediction Engine creates forecasting models.

  • Input: Time-series or tabular data
  • Applications: Replacing lab measurements with virtual sensors

Anomaly Detection Engine detects abnormal behavior in the system in advance.

A major advantage is that almost no manual work is required and that the reports also include signal relationships.  

  • Input: Time-series data
  • Applications: Health monitoring of components or systems

State Detection Engine detects and prevents incidents by sorting them according to their root causes.

This revolutionary and unique feature uncovers previously hidden insights for users.

  • Input: Time-series data
  • Applications: Root cause analyses

Dependency Analysis Engine shows which signals depend on and react to each other.

This feature is revolutionary and unique as it can be used right out of the box.

  • Input: Time-series data
  • Applications: Providing process transparency

Response Analysis Engine shows the current performance status & improvement opportunities for a specific KPI.

This feature is revolutionary and unique as it can be used right out of the box.

  • Input: Tabular data
  • Applications: Centerlining
  • Unlock the superpowers of aivis®

  • Unmatched efficiency

    aivis® processes thousands of sensor signals and terabytes of raw data with ease and is at least 10 times faster than conventional approaches.

  • Out of the box

    aivis® works with unprocessed raw data - no prior data filtering or data preparation and no data science skills required.

  • Breathtaking insights

    aivis® creates valuable and understandable insight reports challenging and complementing your process knowledge with entirely new perspectives.

  • Proactive behavior

    aivis® operates fully automatically – it constantly analyzes process performance and makes recommendations to improve current production.

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