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Advanced Industrial Analytics: How aivis© Incremental Learning enhances Manufacturing Intelligence

Key Takeaways

·      The main advantage of incremental learning is its efficiency and practicality.

·      Incremental learning allows models to be updated based on new data without having to access the original data set.

·      Incremental learning helps to quickly erase false positives.

·      Incremental learning can be very useful for Anomaly Detection Use Cases in Manufacturing.

Manufacturing is in constant motion, demanding efficiency and adaptability every day. In response to this need, aivis© introduces its latest breakthrough capability: incremental learning. This innovative addition to our industrial AI capabilities takes machine learning in manufacturing to the next level.

How can Manufacturing Companies benefit from Incremental Learning?

Incremental learning is our powerful answer to the constant flow of new data into your manufacturing plant. Unlike traditional models that start from scratch with each data stream, aivis© builds on and refines existing models to ensure that insights gained over time are not only maintained but improved.

Think of your industrial analytics process as a fine wine that matures and improves over time. With aivis©, your AI investment gets smarter and more valuable with every interaction. This is process analytics redefined, leading to better decisions and optimal business results in even less time.

Use Case example: aivis© Incremental Learning and Benefits for Anomaly Detection

A critical problem in anomaly detection is the prediction of false positives, i.e., cases where models incorrectly classify normal deviations as anomalies (see picture below). This problem often occurs when data points are introduced that are significantly different from those previously seen by the model, or when new behaviors occur that are not indicative of an anomaly but are unknown to the model.

Machine learning without aivis© incremental learning: Anomaly Detection incorrectly classifies normal deviations as anomalies.

This is where incremental learning comes in. Incremental learning provides an adaptive framework that allows models to be updated based on new data without having to access the original data set (see image below). This learning method differs significantly from traditional techniques that require the model to be trained from scratch when new data is added.

Machine Learning with aivis© Incremental Learning: Existing models can be quickly updated, and false positives eliminated.

The main advantage of incremental learning is its efficiency and practicality. Because models are only refined with new data, there is no need to store and reprocess the entire historical data set each time an update is required. This means that the model can effectively learn and adapt over time, improving its performance and reducing the likelihood of false positives.

Eliminate False Positives Quickly and Easily with aivis© Incremental Learning

In a constantly evolving data landscape, incremental learning is a powerful tool for anomaly detection, providing a dynamic and responsive solution to the challenges of model adaptation and improvement.

The incremental learning feature of aivis© also allows you to seamlessly integrate your expertise into the evolving model. Through iterative feedback, you can incorporate your specific domain knowledge and insights directly into the AI, tailoring its performance and accuracy to your unique needs. This customized approach expands the possibilities of data analytics in manufacturing and transforms every new piece of information into an opportunity for growth and improvement.

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