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AI-powered Process Control with Vernaio Process Booster

Solve your toughest problems with Next-level Process Control

Reducing waste, improving yield, ensuring quality, avoiding defects and disruptions - all of this can now be accomplished much faster and easier than ever before. Vernaio's distinct AI aivis® brings statistical process control (SPC) to the next level, solving even the toughest challenges incredibly fast and automated.

  • The AI only requires a problem definition and raw, unlabeled process data to find out all relevant relations itself
  • Autonomous root cause analyses provide deep process insights and enable immediate improvements
  • Production-ready models predict upcoming problems and recommend corrective actions

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Our in-house R&D is funded by the  German government.  

Success Stories

Our powerful AI engine aivis® works effortlessly across all industries. By utilizing only raw process data, aivis® eliminates the need for specialized domain knowledge, making it a truly industry-agnostic solution. This versatility allows it to adapt to a broad spectrum of applications, regardless of the industry. Check out these use cases!

Industry - Pulp & Paper | Process - Papermaking | Region - Germany

75% reduced waste

More efficiency | Less waste | More revenue

To produce heated tobacco products, maintaining strict quality metrics is essential. Deviations can lead to significant material waste, resulting in substantial financial losses. In this context, the AI engine, aivis®, was trained using raw historical data from a heated tobacco production line. The AI conducted a comprehensive root cause analysis that pinpointed all key parameters influencing product quality. Based on this analysis, a process control model was developed. This model continuously predicts production quality and recommends corrective actions to preempt deviations. The implementation of timely countermeasures has significantly reduced waste by 75%, thereby facilitating considerable cost savings.

Industry - Consumer Industries | Process - Paper Refinement | Region - Germany

87% reduced failure rate

More Insights | Less failures

During the papermaking process, sheet breaks represent a major disruption that occurs unexpectedly, necessitating extensive cleaning and rethreading before production can resume. To address this issue, the AI engine aivis® was supplied with raw historical data from a paper production line. The AI conducted a root cause analysis that uncovered multiple root causes of sheet breaks, including some scenarios previously unidentified by process experts. Leveraging these insights, the AI was able to predict sheet breaks with a 60-minute advance warning, reducing their occurrence by up to 87% (on average 50%). This significant reduction in downtime has led to considerable cost savings.

Industry - Steel | Process - Basic oxygen furnace | Region - Europe

54% less slopping

More efficiency | Less slopping

In Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS), a critical issue known as slopping occurs when foaming slag overflows, necessitating containment and cleanup efforts. To tackle this problem, the AI engine aivis® was utilized, processing raw historical data from a basic oxygen furnace. The AI carried out a root cause analysis that identified all key factors causing slopping, equipping process engineers with the necessary understanding to develop effective countermeasures. Leveraging the insights and prediction models provided, the ability to proactively identify and address slopping events improved by 54% with warnings provided 1-2 minutes in advance, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.

Three Steps to Your Solution

Solve your most challenging issues with our Fast Track Program in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Tell Us

Deliver your problem description

Please provide a detailed description of your specific problem and objective. Are you aiming to control a critical process parameter, reduce scrap rates, or prevent operational disruptions? The more precisely you describe your goal, the more effectively the AI can work.

Provide historical time-series data, covering the problem area

We require comprehensive historical process data from the specific process or production line covering the process area in question. Ideally, this data should be as extensive and unprocessed as possible to ensure the most accurate analysis. Data format should be either CSV or parquet.

Define parameters you can influence to change the system settings

If available, please provide a list of adjustable parameters, as this enables our models to precisely guide you on when and how to modify these parameters to meet your objectives.

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Step 2: We Solve

We run your data in our AI engine for insights & new knowledge

We deploy our distinct AI to tackle your specific problem. The fully automated AI typically delivers first results within a few hours to days. It conducts a comprehensive root cause analysis that reveals deep insights into all the factors influencing your objectives. Prepare to be amazed, as the analysis usually uncovers new knowledge about the problem area.

We provide immediate results to speed-up time to value

We present all our findings at interim meetings, allowing you and your process experts to interpret and validate the results. This collaborative approach not only provides new perspectives, but also identifies potential solutions to your problems. Even in the early stages, this can already add significant value and help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

We fine tune results based on your feedback

During intermediate meetings, we will also collaborate closely to refine your objectives and ensure that you maximize the benefits derived from our analysis. This ongoing collaboration helps tailor our approach to better meet your specific needs and enhances the overall impact of our solutions on your operations.

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Step 3: We Deliver

We tell you exactly what parameters are influencing your problems

We provide you with a prioritized list of signals that significantly influence the outcome of your goal. This list is meticulously curated from potentially thousands of signals, ensuring you focus on the most impactful data for more effective decision-making.

We outline a holistic picture of the underlying root causes

The root cause analysis offers a comprehensive view of how the influencing signals interact, providing you with a holistic understanding of the factors at play. This insight allows for more informed decision-making and strategic planning.

We deliver specific AI countermeasures to solve your problem

The process control model  is ready for production implementation. It not only predicts your target parameters but also provides timely warnings and recommends effective countermeasures to address any deviations or declines (the model is provided for validation purposes for a limited time). This ensures you maintain control and achieve your desired outcomes efficiently.

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