Instant solutions for your hardest problems.

In a world of constant change, time to value is key. We solve your problem within two weeks.

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Well defined problem description.
Historical time-series data, covering the problem area.
Signals you can influence to change the system settings.

We Solve

We run your data in our AI engine for insights & new knowledge.
We provide intermediate results to speed up time to value.
We fine tune results based on your feedback.

We Deliver

Which signals have influence on your specific problem.
A holistic picture of the underlying root causes.
Specific AI countermeasures to solve your problem.

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You don‘t need to wait until we are done with the fast-track program.
We will share our intermediate results with you so you can directly validate our insights within your production processes.

In a world of constant change, time to value is key.

Gain New Process Knowledge
We make our insights transparent and highly explainable (no black-box).

Get Actionable Results
We tell you which signals need to be changed and how to get the problem solved.

Increased Time to Value
We accelerated your learnings.