Company name change: PerfectPattern becomes Vernaio

Headshot of Niklas Brenner, Marketing Specialist at Vernaio.
Niklas Brenner

MUNICH, GERMANY, December 20, 2022 /

Several days ago, we changed our company name from PerfectPattern to Vernaio. This transformation also included a significant update of our company’s branding and website.

Four main aspects reason the name change from PerfectPattern to Vernaio:  

1. Vernaio is much shorter than PerfectPattern and, therefore, easier to remember and display.

2. Vernaio uses the .com domain to highlight our international expansion.

3. Vernaio reflects our new position within the AI IoT market – instead of continuing to focus only on selling our technology, we now also directly address specific company needs with dedicated point solutions.

4. Vernaio better conveys our company’s purpose:


•         veritas (lat.) = truth

•         ai = artificial intelligence

•         io = productivity


User-centricity and usability of our AI IoT solutions are the new guiding principles of the new branding. Therefore, we created a brand language that is both easy to understand and pleasant to watch:


a.        Focus on a clean interface with lots of white space

b.        Dedicated use of colors

c.         Fluid shapes and round corners


In addition, we updated our existing website accordingly, reflecting our point solutions Process Booster and Kayros to solve specific company needs.  

If you want to know more about Vernaio and our purpose, visit the Team section on our website.

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