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Portrait of Stefan Horst, Owner of ROICOM.
Stefan Horst

MUNICH, GERMANY, August 12, 2022 /

Why does this parameter not stay within the target range? What are the best settings for this process? What is the cause of these malfunctions? Process engineers in the manufacturing industry have to answer a multitude of complex questions quickly and reliably in order to avoid production downtimes, optimize efficiency and ensure product quality.

With the AI technology aivis developed by PerfectPattern, companies can master this complexity. Whereas the use of AI has always required data science knowledge, process engineers and technical experts can now use artificial intelligence methods themselves with little effort using aivis.

aivis requires nothing more than raw CSV process data and a concrete question – data preparation, filtering and selection are no longer necessary. Furthermore, aivis does not require any process knowledge as input, so the technology can be used in any industry. The system provides quick and easy-to-understand answers to difficult questions in production processes.

AI experts solve individual problem

PerfectPattern now offers the manufacturing industry a free comprehensive “get-to-know” package. Participating companies can discuss an individual issue in their production processes with PerfectPattern’s AI experts. The offer includes
• 6 expert hours on your challenge
• 3 online meetings (1h each)
• Introduction to aivis® Insights app (cloud)
• Solution of the individual challenge or expert advice

Asdrúbal Pichardo, CEO of PerfectPattern, says: “Artificial intelligence is a key technology when it comes to ensuring the competitiveness of companies. Nevertheless, there are often still barriers to the use of AI, and often the potential of AI is not yet clear. We hope to make a contribution to anchoring AI in the manufacturing industry so that companies can avoid costly errors and save valuable resources.”

aivis already successfully employed

aivis is already successfully in use at Voith, Sick, SMS digital, and TATA Steel. “aivis has helped me to really understand the causes of production interruptions such as paper breaks. Instead of just curing the symptoms, as is common in the paper industry, we can now eliminate the causes,” says Jürgen Käser, Director of Process Applications at Voith Group. “After almost 20 years in the industry, I believe this is a real step forward and helps me support our customers in increasing production performance.”

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