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Boost your production performance with causal AI

Process Booster is like a smartwatch for your production line. It monitors operations, warns you about impending disruptions and suggests corrective actions to keep the line healthy and efficient. Powered by causal AI, Process Booster autonomously adapts to the internal process dynamics of your line. It enables you to master even the most complex production lines and boost their quality, yield and performance.

Limitations of conventional process control

Which parameters need to be monitored and controlled? What ranges should they stay within? How to react if they deviate? Effective process control is the key to maintaining process health and achieving reliable quality and peak performance.

However, conventional process control, such as SPC (statistical process control), can only take you so far. Focused on static rules for a predefined set of key parameters, it mostly ignores critical signal interactions and lacks situational awareness.

As a result, important trends are missed and complex processes are not effectively managed, leading to disruptions and inefficiencies that, like chronic diseases, degrade line performance.

To unlock the full potential of your production lines, you need to go a decisive step further and take your process control to the next level!

Process Booster takes Process Control
to the Next Level

Process Booster takes over where conventional process control reaches its limits. The solution utilizes raw, unlabeled process data to autonomously perform historical root cause analyses and run real time adaptive process control models.

Process Booster helps to eliminate recurring disruptions, stabilize key process parameters, and improve critical KPIs. The result is a more transparent and streamlined process that simply delivers more compliant output from the same input.


With Process Booster, you get a reliable solution whose many advantages generate great added value.

Higher yield

Benefit from more streamlined processes with fewer disruptions, less waste and defects, more reliable quality, and improved performance - all of which will significantly improve your OEE and yield.

Out of the box

Process Booster works with unprocessed raw data. No data science skills are required, no extensive data preparation like data labeling is necessary, no prior domain expertise needs to be available.

Improved problem-solving

Autonomous root cause analysis based on causality and situational awareness uncovers even hard-to-find trends and relationships, helping engineers tackle and solve the toughest challenges.

Improved predictability

Act before something happens! Early warnings of problematic trends and increasing risks enable a shift from reactive to proactive process control, streamlining the entire manufacturing process.

Effective corrective Actions

Not only receive timely warnings of problematic trends or at-risk situations. Receive detailed and effective corrective action to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem.

Ready to operate in no time

Compared to SPC systems that require a lot of up-front effort to get started, Process Booster learns by itself, minimizing up-front configuration.

Key Features of Process Booster

With its unique core features, Process Booster lets you leverage the power of causal AI and to unlock the full potential of your production lines:

Autonomous root cause analysis (RCA)

Understand the root cause of disruptions. Discover and validate which process parameters are most relevant to a given goal or problem in any situation, and within which ranges they must be maintained to pursue the goal or mitigate the risk.

Adaptive Process Control

Effectively eliminate disruptions. Monitor key process parameters and risks in real time and receive early warnings of impending issues, including recommended corrective actions to resolve the situation before a problem occurs.


Unified Centerlining

Manage multiple, even conflicting goals and issues at once, aligned with an overall optimization strategy, such as improving energy efficiency while reducing overall costs.


Process Booster is not like other solutions. With its unique capabilities, it opens up the next level of value generation.

  • Unmatched Efficiency

    Process Booster can process thousands of sensor signals and terabytes of raw data with ease and is at least 10 times faster than conventional approaches.

  • Comprehensive view

    Monitoring trends of isolated signals is only the first step. A much deeper understanding of process dynamics and interrelations is achieved by identifying and monitoring the trends of critical parameter interactions.

  • Situational awareness

    Production is dynamic. It goes through various production situations, depending on the current product, material, line configuration, progress, and more. Situational awareness addresses the fact that the same problem might have different root causes and requires different actions depending on the current situation.

  • Causation

    Signal correlation identifies situations where two signals respond similarly to the same unknown influence. However, causation takes this analysis further by pinpointing the actual "unknown influence", which is crucial for enhancing process understanding and control.

Process Booster fits right in

With its modular design, Process Booster seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape. Depending on your specific needs, it leverages existing data platforms (historians), connects to your custom software solutions and retrieves data directly from PLCs.

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“Vernaio's AI has finally made it possible for us to better understand the reasons for disruptions in paper manufacturing, such as sheet breaks. After working in the industry for almost 20 years, this is a real game changer for me!”

Jürgen Käser

Director Process Applications, Voith Group

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